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well tended garden


Rake the leaves pull the weeds , water your thoughts and grow the seeds …Shade the fragile and stake the strong mind your garden the seasons are long .

You dont know me

The surface is what you see you see the colours I let you see, my friends see one shade my employer sees another my family see them all you can’t just pick one colour I’m the entire spectrum these five are todays shades

Well Hung


She’s a women a mother a sister a worker someones enemy someones friend a partner a lover a wife a worrier a planner a shopper a carer a caterer a medic a referee an enabler a peacemaker a realist a team mate cheerleader an athlete but above all human and her clothes get tangled just as yours do. She faces the day head on and sometimes there’s so much going on….

It takes balls, some days a lot of balls… the idea here is that the body being painted the colours that they are  is this lady is dependable like the sunrise and the sunset night and day she gets it done and she has no idea of her worth or her beauty which makes her all the more inspiring .

Shiny Things


find courage to face the fears and keep at it

Be brave enough to speak your truth the good and the bad …

Be yourself regardless of others opinions and be mindful of them being just that opinions

Just be better than yesterday, or a minute ago you owe yourself the best life , shiny things shine and sparkle someone will see that .



Make peace with your past so it doesn’t screw up the present,  what others think of you is none of your business , time heals almost anything but there’ll be a scar give it time.

Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t judge them if they judge you. We have no idea what someone else’s journey is about.  Life is tough you be tougher , you can handle whatever life serves you just be strong act like your ok . Stop thinking so much its okay to not know the answers, they’ll come to you when you least expect it.

Strong walls shake but never collapse , no one is in charge of your happiness except YOU!


Tread gently darling 


Destroy what destroys you , how we survive creates our story , smile you dont actually own all of the problems in the world …

Feelings are something you have not something you are , tiptoe on your soul diva



What is seen and heard from the ears or mouth of another are not always necessarily so, don’t judge someone on anothers experience or hear say….

The goldfish here aren’t even swimming in their neck of the woods that’s how disorientated they are .

They were told left at the third rip and to stay clear of the mermaids. …. but shes been kind to them , their senses are saying swim for yourself , go with your gut make sure the weight you bare is yours to carry not something dropped upon you .

Yesterdays news


She’d heard it in the coffee shop she’d heard it in her car she’d heard it whilst showering this morning it was just like newspaper print black grey and all smudgey she was feeling good and walking tall fire within earth beneath her. …

News, well repeat it all you want its getting old …. she is sick of washing her hands 

Glass Bubble


Looks like three but its just one looking in the mirror.

Between sleep and heading into the day…

She looks at her reflection huffs and scowls but then looks closer and smiles …

Looks dead straight on stands back and thinks to herself, well for a few kilometres on the motor your not to bad, turns her back to the mirror mmm gravity is taking hold your not immortal pfft who wants to be anyways. …

Turns to the side sucks in her tummy clearly not comfortable or practical looks ridiculous and  she bursts out laughing as she realizes the basins overflowed and that this right now is the in between of many in betweens and although that mirror passes her a reflection at the end of the day its just that a reflection .



Sleep seemed so far away but at some stage she had drifted off, she’d been flying like a bird weaving through trees barns  and anything in her sights , she was free and weightless and to be flying didn’t seem absurd it just felt natural …

Then the flying stopped , weightlessness was declining and gravity was taking control , reality set in and alarm bells sounded then relief as the bed caught her fall ….

How amazing are the corners of our brains our daydreams thoughts and nightmares

Feather Jacket



Funny how we see things she saw a jacket but it was actually wings ….

Wings that were made from a lifetime of interactions…

Each feather a moment in time ,

A smile from a first introduction

Warmth from her fathers embrace

The distant echo of her mothers laughter

Recognition moment

Laughter that hurt your stomach with friends

That unspoken connection

Pride in her children that chokey gulp

Crunch of autumn beneath your feet

Fresh laundry on the line

Workplace achievements

Personal milestones

Joy from anothers good news

Planning creating living

Smelling summer rain feeling winter wind

Feeling loved unwittingly making someones day


And the list can go on and the feathers build and build …

Everyone admires  her feather jacket and she awkwardly  feels so loved when she wears it. ..

strange the more she wears it the heavier it seems ….

House Proud


She was many things to others but most of all she was right at home being herself . She could travel the world and always have a place to call home and be yourself but its not a bad thing to travel and carry home with you .

Idle Curve


being healthy is far more important than being skinny shape meant zero I’ve seen come capabilities that could make a grown man cry from an ample body.

I’ve also seen that same body doubt herself I’ve seen her choose the back of the room and I’ve also seen her exceed her own expectations its just the wrapper not the motor watch and learn ….


Jewel in the crown


This piece is the keystone to this exhibit the final piece for my first art debut she’s front and centre for all the world to see, well go ahead and look make sure you look good n hard at all the imperfections and the perfections what I like may be the opposite of your choice maybe we are in sync maybe her proportions are off maybe that;s what nature intended … maybe she’s not cut like a diamond … but she’s got character and she’s right where shes meant to be .

I’ve had a long wait for this exhibit as it was booked so long ago and I had thought at the time , this will be interesting got plenty OF time to bail out but here we are front and centre naked and feelings painted for all to see polished or dull the jewel is still so very valuable, I’ve had a year of learning on various life experiences and I am so very grateful to have been supported and encouraged to have this body of colours happen


Battle Front


This piece us about inner turmoil your fight to stay calm in tricky situations feeling the internal mechanisms changing the anxiety levels the rising of the heart rate rising the temperature of the body rising that strange feeling when you’ve made the choice but is it the right choice when you feel some one else doesn’t agree with the change or choice you’ve made .

Calm waters to raging oceans, the uniform wont change the conflict but the decision will create a path one way or another . Let the battle begin and wait it out watch and wait….



She looked around but for once there was no shadow not in any direction but the moon was full and luminous . She stared at the moon for the longest time and thought about how imperfectly perfect it was it wasn’t smooth it wasn’t pearly white.

She wondered just maybe in that moment the moon shinning down maybe it was thinking the same things that she too was imperfectly  perfect. After all there was no shadow being cast, no criticism just light to bathe in and even though she was alone she felt complete 

This piece I decided to try to give the moon craters texture I fiddled around with painters tape it’ll be something ill revisit in time .

Kochies coffee date


A few years ago Kochie from sunrise had an issue with mothers breastfeeding in public but had no problem with women sun bathing topless ….

Well Kochie here’s a bowl of sugar would you like one lump or two, bottle or breast a baby needs to eat we all breathe but some just talk a lotta hot air i hope she squeezed some of her own  mothers milk in his coffee , hot date anyone ….



The idea of this piece is how often we feel scheduled to within an inch of our being day in day out our every waking breathe , mapped out like a calendar, memos and post it notes to remind us of all the extras and add ons that we are yet to get to for precision planning .

(This piece i contacted several friends asking them for motivational quotes that empower, them and used them on the post it notes applied .)



free of worry free of constraint free of time no deadlines at one with nature elements on your skin feeling the air temperature on your skin, the grasses the petals and that moment the sun kisses it all away .


Every last drop


some days we give it our best and other days above and beyond it.

Sometimes its our all  every fibre from within and we have nothing left we are drained but satisfied with our side of what is required as there nothing more we could have done it was our best , every last drop .

Venus doesnt wear Blue jeans


she dances around with out a care dances without the music just feeling all the movements of each body part Venus has all she needs her favourite knickers her red swinging beads time on her hands and boobs in the breeze , Venus does;nt care.

Caviar to go

$250 Sold

Do mermaids have bills, running clocks time constraints body image issue’s,  wrinkly skin from all that water.

Do they have babies or do they lay eggs… i do wonder …



The introverted extrovert ….

Are you looking is she looking back at you or away , did you catch her looking at you did she boldly smirk and unblinkingly bore into your soul or did she kink her neck and fiddle intently with her split ends like she was awkward as all hell ….

Was she posing like that or was she just a beautiful shape?

I think shes a divine creature regardless of what she doing .


In like Flyn


The colours in this piece remind me of a warm inviting fire pretty sure she meant to turn the lights off and head to bed but was distracted by the glowing fire and couldn’t  resist…



Her hearts in sync to the music

ba boom

 ba boom ba


her hips are in sync

 ba boom

 ba boom

the room is spinning and so is she what a time to be alive one of the many beats of her heart strong steady consistently moving consistently powering every motion , Slow or fast that heart innthe engine room never failing to deliver .


Artist’s bio

Oh god a bio, that sounds a bit la Dee dah!

I paint I like the shape I like the feeling of applying paint to canvas I love all colours was inspired by  Nicole smith and Keltie to go forth and exhibit have recently studied aged care in which I love and can not wait to pursue further currently work full time in a supermarket happily wifeing an organic vegetable grower and trying to steer our lovely twins in a good direction of sorts


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